Specialty Rotors

Specialty Police Rotors

Our Specialty Police Rotors are formulated to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement professionals.

The Police line features:

  • Custom rotor design with unique vane configurations to keep your brakes cool in pursuit situations 
  • Grey Fusion 4.0™ coating, providing durability police vehicles need in harsh elements

Specialty Truck, Medium Duty & School Bus Rotors

Our Specialty Truck, School Bus & Medium Duty Rotors are designed and manufactured to keep brakes quiet and cool in demanding situations and severe duty use. 

The Specialty line features: 

  • Application-specific designs with enhanced metallurgy
  • Vehicle-specific cooling vane configurations

Specialty Performance Rotors

Raybestos Specialty Performance Rotors cover street performance, truck, SUV and luxury car applications. 

The Performance line features: 

  • Enhanced metallurgy and design to meet increased performance demand of high-performance vehicles
  • Black fusion or Grey Fusion 4.0 coating for rust protection