Raybestos Racing & Performance Brake Pads

Raybestos® Performance Specialty Disc Pads

Engineered to Perform

Raybestos® Performance Specialty Disc Pads are the latest addition to the Raybestos® Specialty friction family.

Designed for street use and light track use, our Performance line provides a superior feel, high torque and aggressive braking at a quieter level than the competition

With an initial offering of 105 SKUs, our Performance line covers over 3,400 applications. This includes popular, high-performance domestic and import applications. 

When you buy Raybestos® Performance Specialty Disc Pads, you can expect:

  • Superior braking for street performance
  • Stable, consistent and fade-resistant performance
  • Aggressive, solid stopping power with low noise

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Raybestos® Professional Racing Brake Pads

Formulated Exclusively for High-Performance Track Use

Sixty years ago, Raybestos® began its long racing tradition by partnering with Indy 500 drivers and sponsoring the Safety in Speed award. Today, we are proud to introduce our brand new line of Raybestos® Professional Racing Brake Pads.

Our Racing friction provides reliable, consistent braking in all track conditions. This friction is not intended for street use. It is designed for track use only. 

When using Raybestos® Professional Racing brake pads you can expect:

  • Dependable, aggressive, and fade resistant braking
  • Superior shear strength
  • Low wear rate
  • Extreme stopping power and optimum safety

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