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Element3™ Hydraulics

Master Cylinders

Raybestos® Element3 Master Cylinders give technicians a NEW part that fits each application as well as the original. Each master cylinder comes ready to bench bleed and install.  No assembly is required.

Here at Raybestos, we take pride in the fact that our master cylinders match OE fit, form and function.

Some of our competitors take shortcuts when manufacturing their master cylinders. For example, to cut costs, some competitors replace OE aluminum designs with cast iron. We always replicate the original aluminum design, ensuring a master cylinder that is:

  • Consistent
  • Safe
  • Reliable

We are confident in the components used in the construction of our master cylinders, and guarantee a performance that is as good as, or better than, the OE part.

Wheel Cylinders

Raybestos Element3 Wheel Cylinders are a premium solution in the aftermarket industry.

Each wheel cylinder is built for a long service life and features the highest-quality components, delivering top-of-the-line performance and safety.

Shortcuts are never taken when manufacturing our wheel cylinders. We match every detail to OE specifications, from the materials to the vehicle-specific designs. For example, where some competitors cut corners using soft wheel cylinder boots, our boots match OE form, fit and function.

Matching OE specifications ensure a performance that is:

  • Consistent
  • Safe
  • Reliable

We guarantee that our wheel cylinders will perform as good or better than the OE part.

Brake Hoses

Raybestos Element3 Brake Hoses offer a complete line of top-quality automotive hose products. Our hoses meet Federal Standards to ensure:

  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Longer hose life
  • Exceptional durability
  • Ease of installation



Performs identically to standards required by OE manufacturers

Ensures optimal protection, service life and safety

Includes all features found in OE brake hoses

Brackets, grommets, molded plastic guards and wire clips are all provided in the box

Premium alloy trivalant zinc coated fittings

Provides an excellent hydraulic seal and maximum corrosion protection

Double crimped fittings

Ensures a longer hose life and exceptional durability

Brake Cables

Raybestos Brake Cables are the most technically advanced cables available in the industry. Brake cable assemblies are tested for:

  • Strength
  • Fit
  • Corrosion resistance

This delivers a flawless performance each and every time they are applied.



Performs identically to standards required by OE manufacturers

Ensures optimal protection, service life and safety

Nylon-coated steel brake cables

Provides superior corrosion resistance, ensuring a safe, smooth apply and release each and every time

Includes all OE-style brackets and end fittings

Makes for easy installation and an OE fit