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Element3™ Brake Shoes

Raybestos® Element3 Brake Shoes offer an industry-leading, full category coverage program (including parking brake shoes) for the following vehicles:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Trucks
  • Police
  • Taxi
  • Fleet-type vehicles that require severe duty performance

Our brake shoes are designed to work with front brake pads to provide stable, balanced braking.



Our Element3 Brake Shoes are made with application-specific materials, ensuring the best performance and service life. Premium new steel facilitates proper shoe to drum contact.

Unique parking brake materials designed specifically for drum-in-hat and driveline parking brake applications provide superior hill holding braking. 

Shear Strength

We offer riveted and bonded brake shoes, delivering the highest possible shear strength and reduced noise and vibration.


A premium dipped coating provides resistance for superior durability.

Contour or Cam Ground

Our brake shoes are either contour or cam ground depending on the application, ensuring the best contact between shoe and drum.

OE Matched Levers and Hardware

All sets that require attached levers and hardware will be included on the shoe set for easy and complete installation.