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Raybestos® Element3™ Premium Brake Line

Premium Line Enhanced for Ultimate Performance

Element3 brake products deliver a new level of control and confidence to drivers. Our premium brake line delivers what you've come to expect from The Best in Brakes® with the addition of upgraded product attributes.

The Element3 line establishes Raybestos as leading innovators in the aftermarket brake industry. With the Raybestos Element3 Line, you can expect a full selection of premium brake components for complete braking system coverage. 

Element3™ Automotive Brake Pads

Element3 Automotive Brake Pads are the ultimate line of automotive brake pads. As the best, the EHT Enhanced Hybrid Technology and professional grade formulations offer a comprehensive array of brake pads for exceptional performance.


  • Application-specific formulas for quiet operation and superior stopping power
  • Premium multi-layer shims and stainless steel hardware for maximum noise damping
  • Domestic and import applications
  • Late-model coverage
  • Compliant to all environmental copper regulations

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Element3™ Coated Rotors

The ultimate full line of coated rotors combines a full Grey Fusion 4.0™ coating with OE-matched materials, design dimension and manufacturing process.

The combination of this proprietary finishing technology and vehicle-specific engineering promotes long-lasting protection from rust, optimal cooling, best-in-class performance, ultra-smooth braking and maximized life.


  • RPT Rust Prevention Technology™ for long-lasting rust protection
  • OE-matched precision and performance
  • The perfect choice for prolonged exposure to rain, salt, snow and harsh chemicals

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Element3™ New Plated Brake Calipers

With 100% new components, no core return and lower warranty rates, our new plated calipers provide hassle-free installation and optimal performance.

Designed and manufactured to strict Raybestos engineering standards, these award-winning premium calipers offer original-equipment precision at a fraction of the cost of OE.


  • 100% new components
  • No core return required
  • Aluminum or plated castings provide superior corrosion prevention
  • Meets (ASTM B117) 96-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test standards
  • Engineered to meet or exceed OE performance
  • Factory-quality testing processes comparable to OE standards
  • Includes plated brackets where required
  • Ideal for high VIO and problem applications

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Element3™ Hydraulics

Ultimate line of new hydraulics for maximum service life and easy installation.

Our hydraulics line includes:

  • Master Cylinders
  • Wheel Cylinders
  • Brake Hoses
  • Brake Cables


  • Ultimate line of new hydraulics for maximum service life and easy installation
  • Built for long service life, featuring the highest-quality components
  • 100% pressure tested, ensuring leak-free performance

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Element3™ Brake Shoes

Ultimate line of shoes with all new material, not relined.


  • Full coverage and application-specific formulas
  • Designed and tested to work with the front disc for a well-balanced braking package
  • Engineered for proper fit, form and function to match original equipment

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