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Easy For You. Easy For Your Customer.

Raybestos® had our customers in mind when we decided to realign our product offering into three distinct lines.

When you think of Raybestos®, you think of The Best in Brakes®. That is what our R-Line delivers. It is a reliable family of products focused on every day driving.

Our Element3™ line is The Best in Brakes® with enhanced, innovative product attributes for increased performance and a long life.

Our Specialty line helps you cover all of your niche market and unique application needs, delivering outstanding stopping power in extreme-use situations.

You now will get the same great product in easy-to-understand family packaging all with no part number changes.

These three distinct product categories will allow:

  • Straight-forward inventory that is easier to manage
  • Simple and clear product families that easily explain to your customers which products work together providing great performance for the entire braking system with less comebacks
  • Increased sales by selling the complete braking system
  • Lines now include kits for top applications - one easy-to-order part number has everything you need for one axle
  • Award-winning catalog reflects family groupings and kits to easily identify the best parts for your brake job
  • Catalog contains improved product attributes, including English and metric measurements for all dimensions and added resources for each product
  • Robust filtering options to save time and find exactly what you need
  • Easy to market, easy to sell

Rely on Raybestos® as your premier brake partner to help grow your business.

Raybestos® Element3™ Line

Premium Line Enhanced for Ultimate Performance

Our Element3™ line starts with The Best in Brakes® and adds enhanced product features to deliver exceptional performance. This innovative offering with upgraded product attributes provides a full selection of components for complete braking system coverage. The Element3™ line includes: 

  • Element3™ Automotive Brake Pads
  • Element3™ New Plated Brake Caliper
  • Element3™ Coated Rotors
  • Element3™ Brake Shoes
  • Element3™ Hydraulics

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Raybestos® R-Line

Superior Stopping Power

Our Raybestos® R-Line is now packed in easy-to-match packaging so you can quickly select pads, rotors, calipers and hubs for a complete brake job. Rely on Raybestos® for The Best in Brakes®. The R-Line includes:

  • Raybestos® Automotive Brake Pads
  • Raybestos® Reman Plated Brake Calipers
  • Raybestos® Professional Grade Rotors and Drums
  • Raybestos® Hub Bearing Assemblies

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Raybestos® Specialty Line

Full-Line Coverage for Critical Target Categories

Bringing together innovation and superior engineering, Raybestos® specifically designed these specialty disc pads and rotors with application-specific formulas and full-line coverage for critical target categories. The Specialty Line includes:

  • Police friction, rotors and calipers
  • School Bus friction and rotors
  • Truck & Medium Duty friction and rotors
  • Performance friction and rotors
  • European friction

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