american Brakeblok

american Brakeblok

The American Brakeblok brand, a leader in the Commercial Vehicle Brake Market, has provided for more than 75 years quality products to the market, proving that it is the best product in terms of performance and safety.

The products are developed according to the specifications of Original Equipment to provide the greatest security to passengers and users of vehicles. The vehicles in which our bullets are installed require extreme braking conditions, so at American Brakeblok we design and we manufacture the products under the highest standards of quality and engineering, thanks to this we have been recognized for years as the best product on the market.

At American Brakeblok we have dedicated ourselves to innovating products to meet new requirements for safety, braking conditions and distance reduction, which is why we have a full variety of products that meet the needs of each cargo vehicle and passenger transport. Block balata, Disc Brake and Segments are the range of products ABB offer for you.

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